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  eschacha 10:04 12 Oct 2010

Hi There

I'm looking for some advice - I need to purchase a new USB stick - my criteria is very specific and I can't find a product that matches what I need.... built in security that is both mac and pc compatible as well as being a Swivel Stick (I keep losing the lids and extendable sticks don't fit all computer usb casings) which I normally put on a keyring. I was originally looking for a hardware solution, but as thats not available I'm now looking at software. As no one is producing the above that I can find (the usb key might be cross platform but the security software isn't) I'm now looking at independent software that I can install on any normal USB stick. Any suggestions of where to look - USB keys or Software solutions - I work in many different places - so compatibility is vital - Mac & PC.

I'm pulling my hair out at this one - I would have thought this was a straight forward common requirement.

  gengiscant 10:09 12 Oct 2010

doesn't quite fit all your requirements,click here

  eschacha 10:17 12 Oct 2010

I've not seen that one before - got an annoying lid still - but if I can't find anything else - this will certainly do the trick.


  eschacha 10:21 12 Oct 2010

The LOK-IT is not getting very good reviews - seems to be fiddly and not very hard waring at all. Might not be rugged enough - but will keep it in mind

  robin_x 10:24 12 Oct 2010

I like microSD cards with USB adapters because then I can swap with my phone or put in an SD adapter and use for camera or photoframe.

Preferred choice is Sandisk. Adapters £2 or £3.
Cards are cheap enough too. Hunt around for best prices.

Encryption can easily be done with Truecrypt (or Axcrypt or other).

Not sure how you take an encrypted key and use it a computer without Truecrypt or Axcrypt installed.
Self extracting files? (with password). Portable version?
Another encryption program?

click here
(comes with a little nylon line+keyring attachment)

click here

click here=

Post might be better back in in Computer forum.

  eschacha 10:32 12 Oct 2010

Thanks - having a look just now at this. I'm working with public computers where I usually don't have the option to install software on them - so anything that requires to be installed before use isn't an option.

  eschacha 10:37 12 Oct 2010

Nice idea about the MicroSD cards - never thought of that - would solve some of my transporting issues.

Looking at Truecrypt - it might just be what I'm looking for -thanks

  dinadana 16:19 22 Feb 2011

For Mac i can recommend you ProteMac LogonKey soft. It makes a usb key and protects all you data.
Don't know anything about Pc.

  bremner 16:52 22 Feb 2011

Iron Key works on both Mac and PC and whilst the top is not swivel stick it is much more secure than most USB drives. click here

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