Screen shot disappeared on my desktop

  User-DA0C6598-C7AF-46F6-9A5334F91949D668 06:46 18 Jul 2015

Hello, I did a screen shot by doing the regular command+shift+4, Regularly these screen shots appeared on my desktop. After doing this screen shot a small window appeared on my desktop. I omitted to read the content of this window, but at the bottom of this window there was a button with the word: Share, and I clicked on it. The screen shot has disappeared. I found that it went to my clipboard. My question: How can i bring back my screen shots to my desktop?


Zvi iMac 21 10.10.4

  Macworld 10:22 20 Jul 2015

To get the one that's on your clipboard you could open Preview, and then in the menu choose 'new from Clipboard'. You'll be able to save it from there.

  jennyrob 07:05 16 Dec 2015

To make screenshots appear on the desktop, you can use Grab. It allows you to choose any folder to save screenshot. But if you need it to be saved to the desktop automatically, you use this tool.

  HondaMan 11:05 21 Dec 2015

That's the one I use. Never fails

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