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Running older mac osx's on Catalina

  oldager 04:48 30 Jan 2020

I have read the articles on running an older mac os but still have some questions. I have a new 2019 27" mac running Catalina and hadn't realised my 32bit apps won't work so need to have High Sierra running along side Catalina. I am having massive problems getting a copy of High Sierra, Apple don't want you to do this they would prefer you buy all new 64bit apps!! I have an external 250 GB ssd drive and would like to use that - so. Once I manage to install High Sierra do I need a separate volume on the Hard drive for the 32bit apps. Is it just a matter of having a folder called Applications and moving these apps into it. What else do I need to do to run this HDrive independently from my main internal drive. Any other advice would be gratefully accepted. Thanks DaveC

  Pine Man 10:53 30 Jan 2020

I would install Sierra and all of your 32bit apps on the external hard drive. When you want access to your 32 bit apps boot your mac from the external hard drive.

There are, probably, other ways of using 32bit apps but this is probably the most straightforward.

  oldager 11:12 30 Jan 2020

Thanks for your quick reply Do you think I need to format a volume to separate the apps from the mac osx DaveC

  Pine Man 13:17 30 Jan 2020

Do you think I need to format a volume to separate the apps from the mac osx

No. When you boot from the external hard drive your Mac will effectively be a standalone'Sierra' Mac rather than a 'Catalina' Mac so you can have whatever apps you want on that drive and just run it as normal. Obviously you will not be running Catalina until you reboot to that drive.

  oldager 18:11 31 Jan 2020

Thanks again - I have managed to download a copy of High Sierra and put it on an external ssd hard drive. When I restart the computer (holding down the Option key) then select the external drive with High Sierra on, I get a 'no entry sign'. Could this because I haven't set the external drive as an APFS but GUID. There is somewhere I have read that I could set up in Security control somewhere to allow booting from an external drive but not sure where it is. Also before the window opens for the drives to select it asks for the network and password is there a way to avoid this. Thanks again, as you can tell I'm not that computer savvy and am trying to punch well above my weight. Again thanks for your help DaveC

  Pine Man 18:54 31 Jan 2020

I am sort of guessing here but the drive should be formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as far as I am aware.

When the drive is properly formatted and Sierra installed on it I would advise that you try booting your Mac with the Catalina drive then plug in your external drive. Go to System Preferences and select Start Up Disk then select your external drive. In theory your Mac will reboot using your external drive.

  Pine Man 18:57 31 Jan 2020

Further to the above have a look at this-

click here

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