Rule for flagging all incoming mail

  fix my mac 05:05 20 Oct 2015

Currently using mail in Yosemite - Is there a rule I can use to flag all incoming mail ? I had Mountain Lion, and somehow accomplished this. I want all incoming emails to be flagged (green) until I change or remove the flag. Any ideas ? Nothing I have tried has worked.

Thanks, DH

  Macworld 10:30 20 Oct 2015

I've not done it myself, but I wonder if you could do it if you created a Rule.

Choose Mail > Preferences, then click Rules. Add Rule > type a name Indicate the conditions that need to be true Click OK

Try setting it up so it's Any Recipient is you, and then Mark as flagged and pick your flag colour.

I think you could even use this to mark all emails from a particular person with a green flag, and others with a blue flag, for example.

  fix my mac 14:12 20 Oct 2015

Thanks, options are different than on the previous version I was using and the rule used before is not working the same as the options are different. Thanks to our super qualified IT here they transferred only half of what I needed for my mail to the new system. Just looking for anyone that may know how to rework the rule.

  fix my mac 18:54 21 Oct 2015

Ok found the answer by trial and error. Pretty simple and cant believe I didnt figure it out sooner. Simply create the rule to mark as flagged to all emails coming in for the account email address. Then do not apply the rule. It will only flag new emails coming in. If you apply the rule it will flag all existing emails in the account. Not perfect but accomplished what I needed.

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