Router and Mac Address cloning

  keewaa 19:21 29 Nov 2005

How does MAC address cloning work on a router?

Do ISPs still only supply their connection to ONE MAC address or is MAC address cloning by routers not necessary anymore?

Does the router clone the MAC address from what information comes down the dsl line from the ISP, or from the PC ?

I'm installing the Belkin f5d7623uk4 adsl router and am trying to understand how the MAC address cloning works. The PC has been connecting using a standard ISP USB modem. So I install the new adsl router, but the router is now connected to the PC by ethernet. Does the old USB connection even have a MAC address?

Maybe I need to manually input the MAC address via the router's UI ?

  Skyver 19:30 29 Nov 2005

Usually the router has it's own MAC address, but allows you to use/spoof the MAC address of any device attached to it. Some ISP's authorize your connection via NIC MAC, but Blueyonder (for one) have recently changed to registering the modem MAC address (more flexible). I don't know if USB connections use a MAC address, I would assume they use the MAC address of the modem too.

  keewaa 10:23 30 Nov 2005

Have I misunderstood this .... is it not nesessary to spoof a MAC address, as most new modem routers seem to autodetect all the settings. Is it actually that the ISP can only communicate with one MAC address at a time, so as long as it sees only one it will work, (as opposed to see the same one ties into the account)?

  keewaa 11:55 30 Nov 2005

NM ... I was confusing cable and adsl.

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