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right graphics card upgrade for e-machine 270

  jacobjohn7 23:05 10 Aug 2009

HI, would anyone please have any advice on upgrading the graphics card on a e-machine 270. just added an extra gb of ram. but any ideas what my best compatible option would be then would be appreciated. Have had some good advice previously from SMY. but would like to open it up to more suggestions so that i get the right solution.

  GaT7 23:16 10 Aug 2009

First, let us know what motherboard you have in there. To do this, download & run the standalone version of SIW click here, & look under Hardware > Motherboard.

Is this similar to the E-Machine 270 click here you have? G

  jacobjohn7 13:21 11 Aug 2009

Its an IM845GL.

  jacobjohn7 13:58 11 Aug 2009

yes thats the one in the pic crossbow.

  GaT7 15:33 11 Aug 2009

Well, the best card your motherboard (manual click here) will take is a PCI one.

The guys in your last thread were right: How do I upgrade an e-machine desktop from 2002? click here. I'm not sure why you felt the need to start another thread.

Unless you can get a relatively cheap & good secondhand PCI card (eBay perhaps?), you're wasting your money. I think the best PCI cards ever made (from a 'gaming' viewpoint) were a 2600XT & 7600GS. These cards are not available any more & will be very expensive to buy secondhand. Even if you're able to get hold of one, you may need to upgrade the PSU. Sorry for being a bearer of bad news, but it's simply not worth upgrading this PC for any kind of 3D-game play. G

  jacobjohn7 12:01 15 Aug 2009

thanks crossbow. i have an old graphics card left over from an upgrade on my own pc... pardon my ignorance, I might be completely off track but on an off chance would this be compatible: Winfast A360LE TD 256mb (AGP 8x)
Cheers, if not, i will go down the ebay route. or just simply advise that he doesnt use high spec games on the pc. (he can play all these on mine, but just trying to create an option)

  GaT7 13:03 15 Aug 2009

No jacobjohn7, as it's an AGP card, it will not be compatible. As stated above: "Well, the best card your motherboard will take is a PCI one."

However, if you can somehow upgrade to a suitable mATX AGP motherboard, your AGP card will be compatible. G

  jacobjohn7 22:41 22 Aug 2009

cheers crossbow...
would this one be compatible?
Play Value GeForce 7200 GS / 256MB / PCI-E / Graphics Card

I notice that there is an E on the end, but not sure of the significance of this.

  GaT7 13:52 23 Aug 2009

No, that's a different interface altogether. The 'E' at the end stands for Express.

The only card that's compatible is a standard PCI graphics card. G

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