Retrieving web booking page on safari

  Guns 11:02 29 Apr 2017

Help! I booked a hotel directly for our family holiday, using our MacBook Air and safari. The booking included a promotion. The final webpage confirmation showed the booking included this promotion however the email confirmation did not. The hotel are refusing to accept that we have booked for this promotion and we think we did and don't want to lose a few hundred pounds. I'd like to find the web booking confirmation page via Safari somehow in our history and then take a screenshot to send to the hotel. Our history only goes back 30 days or seems to anyway. Does anyone out there know any way that I can retrieve the final booking page please? Thanks

  Forum Editor 11:55 29 Apr 2017

The page you refer to would have been created dynamically, that is, it was a one-off page exclusive to you - if it's not in your browser history there will be no copy of it anywhere.

That said, did you make a payment at the time? Even if it was a deposit, the amount would perhaps have reflected the promotion in some way.

Failing that, all you can do is negotiate with the hotel - it may not want to lose the booking altogether over something like this. Tell them that you made this booking in good faith, and that you relied upon the information you were shown in the confirmation page being correct. If all else fails, there is always Twitter - holiday hotels don't like negative reviews on social media.

  Forum Editor 12:00 29 Apr 2017

Further to the above, you might want to take a look at this to learn all about Safari's history settings.

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