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Retrieve Contact from Prior Backup (Old Mac)

  sergio77 11:02 15 Feb 2019

I deleted a contact a few months ago that I'd like to retrieve. Easy enough, I thought...not so much.

I see that while TM shows a backup from October, it's not accessible. I have a billion backups from the last two days, then nothing since October, but when I select it, the option to Restore is greyed out.

So, I hooked up my old external hard drive, on which I have a backup from July from my old mac. Ironically, all of my REALLY old files from my PC (that carried over to my last mac) are still there - super accessible and easy! Cannot find the folder in which the actual apple contact files are stored. Had the most ridiculous time even trying to find the folder to my existing contacts (for some guidance), realized - after way too much research - the Library folder is hidden. Still didn't help, as I don't see Address Book anywhere in my Library/files on my backup. I see Address Book plugins, but not the files. I can't even search the backup folders for some reason - will search for a folder that I know is there, like 'library' and it doesn't return any results...infuriating.

At this point, the contact the certainly doesn't warrant spending this much time, but for something that I feel should be so easy - given the fact that I pay for iCloud storage, have automatic backups enabled, and backups existing on an external hard drive - I'm going mad that I can't simply retrieve that contact somehow.

I have a macbook pro running High Sierra. I'm not sure whether I was on High Sierra on my old mac. Don't see anyway to attach a photo. Appreciate any help :)

  bremner 06:20 16 Feb 2019

The file you want is called AddressBook-v22.abcddb and is in Library/Application Support/AddressBook/Sources

When you navigate to it right click and Open with TextEdit

  aykutdursak 13:26 30 Mar 2019

May be you can find source section.

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