Retoring E-Machines 730 Desktop with disk but no Manual

  Little Flower 13:16 25 Jul 2012

I need to restore this computer I have the disk but I cannot find the manual anywhere, so I don't know what to type in. It says System Verification, system is being verified, A:/>| Whatever I type in there comes up with, bad command or file name

Thank you in advance for your help

  onthelimit1 13:33 25 Jul 2012

What operating system - XP, Vista? What disk do you have - is it a recovery disk or an original MS disk? More info would be useful

  onthelimit1 13:35 25 Jul 2012

Some guidance here

  Little Flower 08:23 26 Jul 2012

Thank you, it's XP & the discs are recovery ones & restore it to factory settings - I've used them before! But someone had tided the discs & manual away very neatly & I've found the discs after a lot of my time wasted looking for them but can't find the manual & fear it may have been thrown away.

(A lot of stuff we should have has just gone in the time we had someone in the office who didn't know what they were doing, & it's taking a lot of time & effort to put things right, so I'm grumpy about the whole lot, not just this...)

Someone donated the pc to the preschool I work at for the children to use & the set up we've had for it has meant that they've been able to access the hard drive to pull discs in & out of mid way through using the disc to play a game, which is why periodically I've had to restore it.

I've changed the way it's offered to them so they'll not be able to get to the hard drive (or the speakers which is another matter), but need to get it working first...

I did have a look at the Ehow link yesterday but it doesn't really say how to get the pc to verify & actually start to use the discs.

When I've done it before, it takes a while, & I have to change the discs as prompted but it doesn't usually take this long to get started.

I'll have another go when I get into work today (yes, it's summer holidays, but now's the time for us to get in & tidy up the mess the children have left ;-) )

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:50 26 Jul 2012

System Verification, system is being verified, A:/>

It may be having trouble finding / reading the hard drive, especially if it ben corrupted by removal while writing.

First open the case and ensure the cables to the hard drive are fully connected and pressed home at the drive and motherboard ends.

  lotvic 18:49 26 Jul 2012

This might be it, Instructions ClickHere says it is for both Desktop and Notebook. Doesn't seem as if you have to type anything on that first bit, but just wait for prompt to tell you to swap CD (if I have read it right)

Insert the disk labeled System CD into the computer's disk drive and restart the computer.

When the eMachines logo appears on the screen, press the F12 key repeatedly.

Select either CDROM or DVD as the boot device, this may vary depending on the system.

When prompted for the Recovery CD, remove the System CD and insert the Recovery CD.

Note: If there are multiple Recovery CDs, please insert the first Recovery CD.

After the system recovery program has loaded follow the prompts to reinstall the operating system.

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