Restoring Keychain Access 'set aside'

  Elian Strong French 23:21 06 Aug 2018

Tearing my hair out here! First issue was continuous pop ups asking for passwords after I changed my keychain password, googled that problem and sorted it by syncing login password and keychain. Next problem, I followed instructions at some point, (too tired now to remember how and why!!!), that set aside my keychain access, assuring me it was not deleted but set aside. Since then I have tried 2 suggestions on line to restore, one was by changing the name of the login folder and the other was to delete all the login folders. Neither worked. The first one restored some stuff in passwords but on checking some passwords i know, it had not restored the passwords. Can't get into any e-mail accounts as all passwords were on keychain. This is going to be one hell of a long recovery :-( Is there anything to be done, or is this a lost cause and I should call it a day and cry tomorrow lol Thanks.

  bremner 23:31 06 Aug 2018

This really does sound like an issue you need to speak to Apple Support about. My experience with them has always been very good

  Elian Strong French 00:27 07 Aug 2018

Thanks Bremner. I think you're right. I live about 3 and half hours from Apple shop unfortunately, so will have to wait a while in the meantime. Probably quicker to change all my passwords!

  bremner 06:42 07 Aug 2018

You do not need to go to the Apple store what I was refering to was the online support

click here

  Elian Strong French 17:42 07 Aug 2018

ok thanks, will try them.

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