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Replacind Sata hd with SSD in Macbook pro

  rickf 09:57 10 Jul 2020

I am expecting a second hand Macbook pro with a 320gb hd. How do I migrate the OS to the new SSD? Thanks for help.

  Pine Man 10:04 10 Jul 2020

Mac has a program called Migration Assistant, which might help or you could download a trial of something like Carbon Copy Cloner and follow this guide:-

click here

  rickf 14:40 10 Jul 2020

Thank you. Will try Migration Assistant when my Mac arrives.

  rickf 09:56 15 Jul 2020

HI All, Can I use Acronis to clone or any other cloning software instead of Migration Assistant from Apple? Just I have Acronis software and more familiar with it. Thanks

  Pine Man 10:20 15 Jul 2020

I think there is a version of Acronis that will work with Macs but if not you can download a free version of SuperDuper, which is quite straightforward to use.

The link to the free download is just above the blue box with Buy Now! in it.

click here

  rickf 17:24 15 Jul 2020

Man after my own thoughts. I discovered SuperDuper and it seems a very straightforward programme to use. I'll go with that. Cheers. Waiting for more ram to arrive in a couple of days, install ram then clone drive.

  rickf 11:08 17 Jul 2020

Just to give feedback for those interested. I didn't go with 3rd party software like SuperDuper etc., in the end. Simply use Disk Utilities in Macbook pro itself to restore/clone to ssd by powering up with ssd connected to Mac with a usb to sata cable whilst holding down CMD+R.

  Pine Man 11:12 17 Jul 2020

Nice one!

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