register cassette paper info? Canon pixma MG5650

  Brumas 17:43 21 Dec 2015

Every time I switch it on the Register Cassette Paper Info message is displayed. I load A4 then have to cancel the message asking me to register it as I have already done that.

Is there a way to disable this message or am I doing something wrong?

  RV510 21:28 21 Dec 2015

Switch on the printer and bring up the on screen printer instructions by double clicking the icon on your PC start screen, make sure the printer is connected, click on 'search' and type 'register cassette paper information' and it will tell you what you need to do, basically you have to set the paper size to A4. Also make sure that the paper tray is pushed fully in or you'll get a message telling you there's no paper.

  Brumas 22:01 21 Dec 2015

RV510, I am a bit of a thicko really, Speaker's Corner is my forte, everything else is hard work so could you please give me step by step instructions as I do not really get the gist?

I switched on the printer but how do I bring up the on screen printer instructions by double clicking the icon on your PC start screen, I do not have an icon for my printer on my imac?!

  RV510 23:18 21 Dec 2015

Okay. How do you access the printer instructions? You should have somewhere an on screen guide, if you can find it and open it refer to what I said before. Failing that, search online for 'Canon Pixma MG5650 user manual PDF' or alternatively go to the Canon website and search for 'manuals' and you should get a list of models come up, find the Pixma 5600 series or MG5650 if specifically listed and click on it. The manual can be found here. click here

  Brumas 23:22 21 Dec 2015

RV510 I followed what you said and it seems to be fine now, thank you.

  RV510 23:22 21 Dec 2015

When on the page that I've linked to click on 'Pixma MG Series'.

I prefer really to stick with this sort of subject, the general chat can be a little too controversial at times.

  spuds 12:32 28 Dec 2015


I purchased a Canon MG5650 the other day, from Tesco. My initial mistake, I keep forgetting to open the paper tray door and lower the flap. Then I wonder why it's not printing!.

Just downloaded the manual, all 908 pages, which is going to take an awful lot of reading :O(

  RV510 13:45 28 Dec 2015

I also repeatedly forgot to open the front flap but have now trained myself to remember to open it. If you open the 'on-screen guide' there is a search box at the top of the titles pane where you can type in key words and the appropriate section of the manual will open, saves you trawling through all those pages of the manual. One thing I find with the MG5650 is the 'quick menu' inverted icon L that opens up offering you things that you'll probably never use, I normally just click on the icon right in the bottom corner that opens the main menu and then choose the function I want to use from there. To close out the quick start menu you have to, without bringing up a square outline around any of the icons, right click and choose 'quit menu'.

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