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Refurbished macbook. Daughter has tried to factory

  Ann Regan 18:55 27 Mar 2019

Hi all. First Post. I bought a refurbished macbook from Wowcher. It arrived 3pm. I got home from work at 6pm. In that time my 10 year old tried to reset it to factory settings.. By watching a YouTube tutorial.. She shut it down, held down command r, and it came to OS X utilities page. She clicked disc utility and then went on to Mac HD and pressed erase. It then came up to sign in to apple ID, and here we are.. Stuck... Because it just says try again later. She says she was trying to get it back to as new, so she could set up her own profile.... Can anyone help please because we now have a laptop we have had for 3 hours that we can't use. I doubt the seller will respond to my email asking for help. Yours in desperation, Ann. PS. The poor kid is in tears, telling me to take all her savings to sort it...

  bremner 17:11 29 Mar 2019

From what you have described it does not seem that the machine erased the drive.

Have you simply tried shutting down the machine and restarting. If so what happens?

  Ann Regan 18:05 29 Mar 2019

Thanks. She had deleted the software. I jyst bought a USB download on Ebay. Hopefully its all reinstalled now.

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