Recommend a to-do app on Apple platform

  Mark Triggs 23:55 19 Apr 2017

I used to be on Windows PC but moved to Mac and iPhone some years ago. More recently, I started using MacMail rather than Outlook. The only regret I have is losing access therefore to the Task Manager in Outlook, which was brilliant. I have looked at loads of options to replace it, including Apple's Reminders and Microsoft's OneNote, Todoist and Wunderlist but none seem to cut it. Anyone got any recommendations for me? Mark

  Forum Editor 14:30 21 Apr 2017

I use the Calendar app in Windows 10. It handles all my meetings and appointments etc., and automatically sychronises with an app called acalendar on my Android phone and with the calendars on all my other Windows computers.

  Mark Triggs 12:29 22 Apr 2017

Thanks. Any thoughts for Apple devices/MacOS

  Forum Editor 18:05 22 Apr 2017

Sorry, I omitted to suggest that you looked at this.

  Mark Triggs 12:18 23 Apr 2017

Thanks again. But this takes me to Outlook, which as I said, I no longer use, and am now on MacMail.

  Mark Triggs 12:20 23 Apr 2017

I suppose I could use just the Tasks function of Outlook. I know this will work on my Mac, but do you know if there is a version for iPhone without having to configure it for email?

  Forum Editor 20:31 23 Apr 2017

I use this on my iPads. It does nag you to set up an email account, however. I use it because in my opinion there's nothing better out there.

  Samwell 14:43 11 Sep 2017

Hi, I moved recetly on MAC and I realy miss a lot of my apps from Windows Pc, but yet, this guys offer a lot of apps that will make your MAC experience a lot easier.

  Samwell 07:04 12 Sep 2017


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