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Reccomendation for wi fi charger for iphone

  john bunyan 09:04 26 May 2020

Having just bought a iPhone SE 2020 I am looking for a wi fi charger. There are plenty around on Amazon etc , but I was advised by my excellent repair guy that some run hot - he thought that the Samsung ones ran cooler. I would be grateful for suggestions for a suitable wi fi charger that, hopefully runs cooler than some. I think such a charger will reduce wear and tear on the lightening port.

  bremner 12:04 26 May 2020

There is a difference between them in terms of how quickly they will charge. I had a 7.5W one and now a 10W one which charges much quicker. There are now 15W models available but the iPhone is not tuned to charge above 10W


  john bunyan 12:56 26 May 2020


Of course O meant wireless charger. I was told that some run much hotter than others so that what I am looking for.



  wee eddie 14:11 26 May 2020

The technology involved is bound to develop some heat. I wouldn't worry

  bremner 15:34 26 May 2020

I certainly got pad and power supply with both my devices

  bremner 17:31 26 May 2020

One of these Click here

and one of these click here

  john bunyan 18:07 26 May 2020


Thanks . Bought a Belkin with plug 10w

  wee eddie 19:15 26 May 2020

Can you answer me a question?

If the iPhone came with a Charging Pad ~ Why are you looking to buy another?

  john bunyan 19:34 26 May 2020

*wee eddie *

It came with the normal charger that plugs in to the lightening socket on the phone and a usb wall socket (NOT a charging pad) These phones need charging daily so a wireless charger where the phone sits on a pad means you don’t have to use the lightening socket. I think that will reduce wear on the phone socket.

  john bunyan 19:48 26 May 2020


Not too bad , the one I got was £24.99 from Amazon - 10 w with fast wall plug.Amazon recommend at a £10 off offer.

  john bunyan 20:11 26 May 2020


According to the spec it is optimised to deliver 7.5 W to iPhone, 9 W for Samsung. We’ll see

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