Reading pictures sent from an Apple mac to an XP m

  TATHS 21:06 06 Feb 2010

A friend sometimes sends me pictures as attachments to emails. Format is either JPG or Tif. However he uses an Apple machine while I use windows XP. The pictures appear in the email but retrieving them seems very difficult. If I try "Save Attachments" in Outlook express it says it can't find the files. If I try printing the email with the aim of rescanning it, it frequently fails to print the whole picture.
I suspect that one of us is not set up correctly, and since I never have problems with most other people I suspect it is him. Is there anything I can do to recover such images?

  mgmcc 09:40 07 Feb 2010

If friend is using the Mac's own "Mail" application, there is an option to send "Windows Friendly Attachments", which might help with the problem.

In Mail's menus, go to "Edit > Attachments > Always Send Windows Friendly Attachments".

Having said that, I've never had a problem transferring graphics files between Mac and Windows. I've also just emailed a couple of files, a JPG and a GIF, from Mac's "Mail" application, retrieved them with a PC and there was no problem saving and opening them. This was *without* enabling the Send Windows Friendly Attachments option.

If friend is using another email program, it may need to be configured differently, for example it may not be using MIME to encode the attachments.

  oldbeefer2 10:01 07 Feb 2010

My son uses a Mac - when pictures are embeded in the text I just right click and the 'save picture as..'. Bit of a pain having to that with each picture, but it works.

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