reading floppy disks between 2 machines

  geeza 08:56 17 May 2005

A work colleague has just said that he has 2 machines at home that his kids use. one has win98 and the other XP. The problem is that floppy disks cannot be read by each if a floppy is created on the win98 machine it cannot be read by the xp machine and vice versa. I have asked him to check what the file system is set as ....FAT or NTFS, would this cause the problem?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:04 17 May 2005

XP has a lot of problems with floppies formatted in other OSs. Can your friend try a USB memory device.

  geeza 09:40 17 May 2005

unfortunately he does not have access to a memory stick. Is there any other way of testing things out?

  Eric10 10:33 17 May 2005

Floppy Disks use the FAT12 file system. It makes no difference whether the host PC runs FAT32 or NTFS. However, floppy drives are mechanical devices and it is not unusual for the head on a drive to become misaligned making it difficult or even impossible to be read in a different drive. You could write a floppy disk in each of the two PCs and try to read them in a third PC but because of manufacturing tolerances it is not impossible that the third PC will read both disks so proving nothing. You could try fitting a new drive in one PC and if it makes no difference then swap it back and fit the new drive in the other PC. Floppy drives can be had for not much more than £5 now.

  geeza 10:38 17 May 2005

will pass on the replies. thanks guys

  TomJerry 10:44 17 May 2005

£8.99 (free delivery if you select supersave delivery) Ebuyer Slim Sized 128MB USB2.0 Flash Drive (7.2mm x 16mm x 65mm)

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  CLONNEN 14:17 17 May 2005

I would have thought that if the floppy disk has been formatted in Windows 98 (right-click on Floppy icon and select Format) it should be able to be read by the Windows XP computer.

Works for us on our computers Windows ME and XP. All our floppies are formatted on the ME computer so that they can be used and read by either computer.

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