RAM on the 27 inch iMac Retina

  Mark-2226784 15:39 26 Nov 2014

If I get thew 16GB RAM upgrade from Apple when I first buy this machine, if I subsequently want to add another 16GB to max it out, is there a problem with buying that RAM from a supplier such as Crucial - In other words is it Okay to mix RAM as long as it's DDR3 and meets all other performance requirements

  Deano14 19:04 26 Nov 2014

From the research I did it shouldn't be a problem. I went for 8GB and a 16BG Crucial. The memory is sitting in my lounge the iMac 5k should be here in the next couple of days. I can take the 2 sticks of 4GB out at somepoiint if I want to move up to 32BG. It saves around £230 on the apple price.

  simonjary 06:30 27 Nov 2014

I have done this, and it's fine. Check on Apple upgrade prices vs Crucial and it's highly likely you'll save money buying from outside Apple. Crucial will walk you through buying correct RAM.

When the 27-inch iMac first came out I wrote this article on upgrading RAM in a 27-inch iMac.

The RAM and Apple prices will have changed a little but the basics remain true. Let us know how you get along.

The Google ad under this thread should point you to Crucial.

  Chris2210 11:07 27 Nov 2014

It's always best to buy the least amount of RAM you can from Apple. At work we ordered the basic spec and then maxed out to 32Gb, which IIRC cost less than 20Mb from Apple, even though you're effectively 'throwing away' the RAM it came with [or selling it on]. I would check though if you purchase 16Mb from Apple that they're not filling all the slots with lower capacity sticks.

  Mark-2226784 11:30 27 Nov 2014

Thanks to all. One last question - Can I assume that replacing/upgrading the RAM with Crucial or similar does not affecting Apple warranty/Applecare etc?

  simonjary 13:55 28 Nov 2014

You can upgrade the RAM yourself without voiding your warranty. This is true for 27-inch iMacs but not 21-inch.

Be sure to get the correct and matching RAM for your iMac.

  Mark-2226784 14:12 28 Nov 2014

Thanks again to all. I was hoping for a few black friday shekels off a new machine today, but Apple don't appear to be playing the game any more. In which case no hurry :(

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