Purchasing a new Mac - Advice/Insight required

  MacNovice11 12:37 31 Jan 2018


Could really do with some advice in regards to purchasing a new mac. i'm in serious need of an update, I currently have Macbook Pro mid 2012, it has 4gb ram, It's lasted and survived many years and spillages but is just too slow, laggy and glitchy. Anyway I have a few questions and would really appreciate any insight!

I need a new mac mainly because I'm starting to use music production and video editor software, so I need to select specs that enable me to work with and edit big amounts of data as smoothy and easily as possible. Any recommendations would be wonderful?

Also I'm a novice when it comes to understanding what each separate spec does (i.e what actually is a processor, ram) so feel free to school me on that if you want to. i have a vague idea and have done some research but i haven't been able to find a simple and easy enough source that just explains directly and clearly without getting carried away.

I can't afford the full whack so will probably be financing - does anyone have experience with this? Good or bad? Anywhere retail based other than apple that people prefer/cheaper/better deals?

Also FINALLY, I know Apple release new models each year - is it worth me waiting out a few months until then? Will the much rumoured 32gb RAM finally arrive etc. Why do they release new ones each year etc.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Cheers,

  Forum Editor 17:10 31 Jan 2018

Rather than posting a great slab of text here, let me send you to one of our company's other sites, which specialises in all things Mac.

Click here to go there and read about Macs for video editing.

If you need any clarification when you've had a read, come back to this thread and ask.

  bremner 17:39 31 Jan 2018

The iMac Pro is now available and aimed at the serious video editor.

It has an equally serious price just shy of £5000

click here

  wee eddie 20:13 31 Jan 2018

If I were you, I would sit down and list what I needed it for and then visit the nearest Apple Showroom.

Give them the list and ask for their recommendation.

Leasing needs to be considered but only if you are able to charge your payments to your Profit and Loss Account

  MacNovice11 22:22 31 Jan 2018

Thanks to all of the above for taking the time to get back to me. Think I'm going to weigh up my options and just continue to research.

  Forum Editor 11:41 01 Feb 2018

In answer to some of your questions.....

A processor is a component which handles instructions. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the 'brain' which handles the instructions you give your computer and passes information to and from other components. The faster it can do this the better your machine will perform. CPU speeds are measured in Gigahertz (GHz. A Gigahertz equates to an electromagnetic wave frequency of 1000 million cycles per second.

A modern Macbook Pro typically comes with a 2.9GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU.

Is it worth waiting for a new Mac model to be launched?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is located on modules which are plugged into special slots on your computer's motherboard. To get an idea of what RAM does,imagine it as a huge parking buffer for data and applications. When you launch a software program, your operating system starts using the RAM modules to store what is needed for you to work. Open a file in a music program, and it's stored in RAM while you are working. Different areas of RAM can be accessed independently as your computer needs them. RAM storage is temporary. When you shut down your computer, everything in the RAM modules is dumped. RAM can be written to and emptied over and over again.

Generally speaking, the more RAM a computer has, the faster it will perform and you should have as much as you can afford, up to the maximum amount supported by your motherboard.

Is it worth waiting for a new model to be launched? That's a judgment only you can make - there's no hard and fast rule. The thing to remember is that new computer models do not tend to constitute a quantum leap in technology over previous models - they use much the same set of components. The outer case may be slightly different, but additional features tend to come with operating system upgrades, not with hardware changes.

It's a big subject, and the best way forward is to look at the information in the link I provided, and come back here with any specific questions you may have.

  Forum Editor 11:58 01 Feb 2018

The iMac Pro in the link provided by bremner is a top end machine that is aimed mainly at video and audio production professionals. It's a dream machine for sure, but it does come with a hefty price tag.

For a good deal less money you can buy a very fast 27" iMac with a 3.8GHz CPU and order it with up to 64Mb of RAM. A machine like that would easily cope with the work that someone like you - starting out with video/audio software - would give it to do.

  MacNovice11 13:02 01 Feb 2018

Thank you for clearly explaining the RAM and Processor in detail. I have a really clear idea now of what each component is and how selecting spec can affect the machine.

If you had to choose though would you rather have more RAM or a faster processor? Or do they go hand in hand?

Also thanks for clarifying the yearly update situation. I wasn't sure how impactful they were, often wondered the reasoning behind them - if they didn't represent an increase in performance or quality. My judgement was clouded by how much the yearly iPhone updates are hyped up.

The idea of buying a product and in turn missing out on something 'better', is just a consequence of market forces I guess.

After reading the article, the iMac sounds like a dream, however for financial and practically reasons, I'm going to probably go with a Macbook Pro, portability is a big plus for me personally.

I'm still not fully decided but I'm thinking of waiting til the next update, I am tempted by the current TakeTwenty finance offer my local Stormfront has in place but not enough to fully commit, for now anyway.

  Forum Editor 15:36 01 Feb 2018

"I'm going to probably go with a Macbook Pro"

In which case, I recommend that you go for the latest 15" model with the Radeon Pro 560 graphics Card that has 4Gb of memory. It's a beautiful machine, and our sister site MacWorld reviewed it a couple of weeks ago.

  simonjary 17:16 03 Feb 2018

Have a look at a refurbished Mac, sold by Apple. They are packaged just like new and have been thoroughly checked by Apple. See How to buy a refurbished Mac on Macworld.

I have saved hundreds by buying this way.

  bremner 18:02 05 Feb 2018

In your OP you said you were getting into video editing. 4GB of RAM will be insufficient for you requirements. 8 or if possible 16 would be much better.

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