Processor comparison Intel vs Apple

  quaggydog 21:27 26 May 2005

I have a friend who currently has a G3 Powerbook and is considering upgrading to a G4 iBook or G4 Powerbook and has asked my advice (she must be desperate - but I know my pals at PC Advisor forum will help!)

Very roughly, what would be the Intel processor equivalent to:
a) G3 Powerbook processor
b) G4 iBook
c) G4 Powerbook

  Johnnie_M 21:45 26 May 2005

To be honest, its so difficult to put a direct comparison. There are so many differing elements that means a direct head to head are nigh on impossible. Mac OS is built for the hardware so it is generally a far more efficient operation. You also have the fact the pipelines on G4's are smaller than Intels so generally information passes quicker.

Why is she wanting to compare an Intel to a G4 anyway?

  quaggydog 21:51 26 May 2005

Intel option cheaper?

  Johnnie_M 21:58 26 May 2005

Ye of course, but if she has used a Mac and decides to change to a PC she may find it difficult. Having experience of both platforms, it is easy to go from PC to Mac but not really that easy the other way for most. You can pick up a 12" iBook for £699, a powerbook will set your friend back a bit more. Intel option is generally cheaper if its the Celeron thats in the notebook, but you can pick up some cheap P4s as well.

  quaggydog 22:29 26 May 2005

So could anyone give me a very, very rough comparison.

  Johnnie_M 23:25 26 May 2005 give you a rough comparison really, Apple compare the G4 1GHz to a P4 that is over 2GHz on certain software. I would probably go for the comparison 1GHz G4 equals 1.8GHz P4, this as I say is only on certain software but thats a rough guess.

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