Problems getting a mac number from Tiscali.

  ian-inhome 21:34 18 Oct 2006

I have been with Tiscali broadband 2002. They are offering a up to 2m broadband service plus free weekend phone calls for the same price as I am paying for my 1m alone service. Two months ago I clicked on the link to upgrade and received the message there is an error someone will contact you within 48 hours. Since then after numerous e mails and phone calls I am no further forward. Over a week ago I asked for a MAC number this I was told would be sent to me within the next couple of days. After a week went passed with no Mac number I telephoned again (have you ever tried to telephone Tiscali a nightmare) this time I am told my account is showing as inactive so they have had to pass the problem to BT and they have no idea when it will be resolved. Any ideas please because without a MAC code I am snookered

  Jackcoms 21:40 18 Oct 2006

"I am told my account is showing as inactive"

Are you connecting to the net via Tiscali?

Are you sending and receiving e-mails via Tiscali?

If so, I fail to see how that qualifies as 'inactive'.

Do you pay by Direct Debit? If so, cancel it and I'm sure Tiscali will soon scream when they no longer get their money from you.

  ian-inhome 21:46 18 Oct 2006

Hi Jackcoms
Thanks for the reply. I have been paying by direst debit since before 2002 when I was on dial up.
This month’s direct debit went through a few days ago.
If they go on my account and look at usage they will certainly see the account is active.
To stop the direct debit will mean another month before action starts.

  Jackcoms 21:50 18 Oct 2006

"To stop the direct debit will mean another month before action starts"

To a certain extent my last comment was tongue in cheek, but I do suggest you go back to Tiscali and ask them if your account is inactive why have they just taken money from your bank account again?

  ian-inhome 22:01 18 Oct 2006

The support centre appears to based in India or some where else over that part of the world.
OR to telephone you can listen to the same piece of music over and over again until you get sick and hang up. Either way it is difficult to get an answer.
(an email reply from customer service saying it is in the process of being delt with took 8 day to come)
and that was received about 10 days ago with no futher response from them since

  CurlyWhirly 16:47 19 Oct 2006

I think that Tiscali are in the wrong as they have signed up to OFCOM's voluntary code of practice

click here

Tell them that you will contact OFCOM if they don't give you a MAC code!

I did that around 6 months ago when AOL kept stalling when I asked them for a MAC code and the next day my MAC code arrived by e-mail!

It might work for you too ;)

  Stuartli 18:52 19 Oct 2006

I've requested a MAC from Tiscali on three separate occasions (I didn't use the first two MACs) and received e-mails containing the MAC within 15 minutes on each occasion.

You are using the 0845 077 4488 contact number to cancel the service?

  Stuartli 18:53 19 Oct 2006

Apart from the fact that Tiscali didn't waste any time in providing a MAC, it also advised me that I would get a refund for not completing a full month's service after I switched ISP.

The cheque for just under a fiver arrived in the post about a fortnight later...:-)

  ian-inhome 21:22 19 Oct 2006

Thank you for the replies CurlyWhirly & Stuartli
I first applied for the MAC number a week past Tuesday and when I did not receive anything by the following week I again contacted Tiscali quoting the reference number given. That was when they told me that they were unable to resolve it and it was now in the hands of BT. hence they could not say when BT would resolve the problem. When I tried to upgrade on line over 2 months ago the web site said that there was a problem with my address / telephone number even though it has been the same since 2002. I will try contacting Tiscali tomorrow as you suggested Curlywhirly and tell them I will complain to Ofcom. My last attempt on the telephone resulted in listening to the same piece of boring music for over 20 minutes before I actually spoke to a human. My last email to customer services took 8 days to get a reply

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