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Problem updating Mac OS, full storage

  enameljobs 05:50 03 Nov 2019

I bought a Macbook Pro in 2015 but due to not using it very much, I didn't update the software from El Capitan. Now my apps require a newer version so I decided to update it. Because I only have a 128gb hard drive, space is limited. I spent a while freeing up plenty of space, eventually having 35gb free. When I downloaded Mojave from the app store, it got to 99% then the download cancelled. I tried again and it downloaded but the installer crashed my macbook.

After this I deleted the installer but now, my hard drive shows completely full. The download was only 5gb but it has filled up my entire hard drive, now I am stuck on El Capitan and don't have any storage to install it again. I put all my important files on a hard drive and ended up with 20gb again, then decided to attempt to install Catalina as well and same result, the download cancelled itself about 90% through. If someone can help I'd be grateful as it's quite unusable now.

  HondaMan 18:29 03 Nov 2019

You may need to wipe the hard drive and restore the OS from the internet. Restart and as soon as you hear the chime hold down + and follow the on-screen instructions.

  bremner 14:00 08 Nov 2019

Unfortunately their is a bug in MacOS that results in a false value being recorded on occasion for System File.

If you click on the Apple Symbol top left and chose About this Mac then Storage then Manage you will see what is taking up your storage. At or near the bottom of the list will be 'System" If the value is anything more than about 10Gb then it is erroneous.

You can prove this by downloading Omnidisksweeper run this and see what it reports the System File size to be.

If they are wildly different and in my case it was about 170GB different I can talk you through how to fix it - it isn't straightforward and requires you to have a Time Machine Backup.

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