Problem with NUMBERS spreadsheet software

  Mike Caldicot 15:35 12 May 2017

I have just purchased a MacBook Air laptop, running MacOS Sierra and would appreciate some help with the NUMBERS (spreadsheet) software. I need to print a block of cells from the spreadsheet eg A1 to D36. On my previous computer (an iMac), I was using Appleworks 6 and when I needed to print a block of cells I would click on OPTIONS—> SET PRINT RANGE which would produce a ‘dialog box’ into which I could insert the cell numbers and then click PRINT and that block of cells wpuld be printed. I can’t seem to find anything like that in the NUMBERS software and I wondered how other users managed to print a block of cells. Thanks for any help.

  HondaMan 12:10 13 May 2017

Drag the curser from top left to bottom right over the cells you want to print.

  Mike Caldicot 14:55 13 May 2017

Thanks to 'HondaMan' for your reply but that doesn't seem to work. Tried dragging the curser (highlighting) as suggested and then clicked on 'PRINT.' It printed the whole spreadsheet, not just the cells highlighted. Thanks for trying anyway.

  Simsy 20:21 13 May 2017

I'm not an apple user, but I just found this;

1">[click here this help?




  Simsy 20:23 13 May 2017

Sorry... link went wrong!

1">[click here

Regards, Simsy

  Simsy 20:23 13 May 2017

Went wrong again... I wont make it a link this time?

click here,



  Mike Caldicot 15:28 14 May 2017

Thanks to Simsy for your posts. Have made a note of the web page you directed me to. Looks interesting!! Thanks again. Mike

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