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Problem since installing Catalina on my Macbook

  Matthon 15:26 09 Oct 2019

I have a message "hipmrz" will damage your computer. You should move it to the bin. The two options are Move to Bin or Cancel. Neither has any effect and message returns. I have restarted my macbook but message re-appears. Any advice appreciated.

  Pine Man 16:13 09 Oct 2019

You have probably got malware.

Turn off internet access and close your mac down. Open it up again BUT DO NOT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET. Clear all the history and cookies from all of your browsers and restart with the internet connected.

  bremner 17:44 09 Oct 2019

What is producing the message, is it an Antivurus/Antimalware program or Apple system?

  Matthon 17:48 09 Oct 2019

I think its the apple system I don't have any antivurus.

  Pine Man 17:56 09 Oct 2019

Did you try my suggestion?

  Matthon 18:08 09 Oct 2019

Pine Man, Not yet,I thought I would wait to see what other suggestions there might be.

I will be trying it if nothing else comes up.

The only thing that I can think of is that I signed onto an NHS app the other day.

  Matthon 18:11 06 Dec 2019

After last OSX update problem has disappeared. Thanks to those who made suggestions.

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