Problem with 'Hub' using excessive CPU power

  Wilfredish 16:47 05 May 2017


I hope someone can help. I recently upgraded from Mavericks to Sierra and have been having this issue ever since, where as in Task Manager, a 'Hub' listing is taking nearly 70% of CPU usage from start up. The fan comes up almost instantly and if I quit 'Hub' in Task Manager, the fan stops. But seconds later, 'Hub returns!

It's an early 2011 Macbook Pro, 2.3 Ghz, i5, 8GB RAM and with a new SATA SSD drive 525GB.

I did a sample test in Task Manager and the 'Hub' seemed to be related to an AVID Pro Tools Cloud Client Services program that I don't even use. So I uninstalled it, using the appropriate AVID uninstaller, checked the path to see that it had gone and restarted the Mac. The program had been uninstalled successfully but the 'Hub' was still present, doing the same thing!

I then did an Etrecheck and it said that performance was 'Excellent'. I have taken some screenshots and files if there is a facility to post here. If anyone could shed any light on this, then it would be greatly appreciated! :)

Thank you.

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