Problem after ios8 update Ipad

  Zurdo 17:47 25 Sep 2014

I updated my IPad Air to Ios8 and looks like I can no longer log on to my Yorkshire Building Society account. Log in is fine on my wife's Ios7 Ipad. Anybody else found this problem?

  Forum Editor 17:53 25 Sep 2014

The update was buggy, although I haven't (yet) heard about iPads being affected.

Apple will release a revised version of the iOS8 update within a few days.

  Zurdo 18:16 25 Sep 2014

thanks for the quick reply FE. I've no doubt they'll fix it soon. I've just seen that Yorkshire Bank ( not Building Society) have put a warning about a log on problem with IOS8 on their site. Next update think I'll wait a week or two before installing!

  Zurdo 09:56 26 Sep 2014

Well I've got the latest patch installed but still can't get into my YBS account, damn computers!

  Zurdo 14:56 26 Sep 2014

Solved the problem. Turns out the continue button doesn't work properly but clicking go on the keyboard does!

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