Printer no longer is supported by High Sierra IOS

  RetroJ 19:08 06 Apr 2018

OK, I should have asked about this before I upgraded, but now I have a perfectly good 4in1 printer (Canon Pixma MX870) that has no driver upgrade. Canon says, "Sorry, but will give you 10% off on a new printer". That is a possibility, but I wonder if I can go back to an earlier IOS version that the printer will accept. Is this possible?

  Pine Man 11:54 07 Apr 2018

If it worked before you upgraded you can downgrade to that OS. It should be available for you in the purchased part of App Store.

  mgmcc 14:55 07 Apr 2018

Another option, if you maintain regular "Time Machine" backups, is to restore a backup from a time when you had the earlier operating system that did support your printer.

  Pine Man 15:46 07 Apr 2018

I found this, which might help.

*The only way I have been ableto use my scanner after the upgrade to High Sierra is as follows: Got to System Preferences, select Printers & Scanners, when menu pops up choose scanner. You will then see the image you have in the MX870 being scanned. You then have to select what you want scanned, and after save it to your desktop or wherever you want it. A little cumbersome, but it sure beats having to buy another printer/scanner!*

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