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Print from iPhone 6+ will not find epson printer

  highside 11:01 04 Dec 2015

I feel cheated and very annoyed, I bought an Epsom Printer which was clearly labelled on Staples shelf as Apple iprint but have since found I cannot print directly form iPhone. I have installed the clumsy Epson App and can print only photos from there. I havent a clue how to print emails or web pages in the very simple way I could with my Canon printer. Does this all mean that I would have to use cloud and such like for the Epsom, I dont want to do that. How do I get documents into the Epsom App?

Win10 Iphone 6+ Epson XP3 235


  bremner 12:10 04 Dec 2015

iPhone will only directly print to an AirPrint printer.

Click Here for Epson FAQ on iPrint

  highside 08:22 05 Dec 2015

Thanks for reply, the printer is an Air Print Printer and has an app for iPhone, problem seems they are not making it clear that Apple Air Print is not the same thing. I can print somethings now from the phone using the Epson app & Google where an app on the phone is supported by google. (ie email) The Epson app has a menu for printing documents but I dont understand how to get documents into that print menu. From the menu it does print photgraphs from the phone no problem.

  bremner 13:11 05 Dec 2015

The Epson 235, which you say you have is not an AirPrint printer but the 325 is.

Which do you have?

  highside 14:08 05 Dec 2015

Yes you are correct it is 235 but the label on the box says 'Epson iPrint' & as I realize now a play on words not Apple iPrint' I took it from a shelf in Staples where the shelf label for 235 said 'Apple iPrint' So that leaves me with Epson IPrint which they say covers iPhone. The Epson iPrint App lets me print photos but there I become confused because its menus include Web Page print and saved documents etc but there are no items in those menus to print. I dont know how to get documents into the app.

My broken Canon let me print direct from my iPhone, now wish I had stuck to Canon.

  bremner 14:35 05 Dec 2015

Have you looked on the link I gave you initially re printing documents.

  Macworld 11:27 07 Dec 2015

As everyone has said, iPrint is not AirPrint, AirPrint is Apple's system. We do have this article about printing to non AirPrint printers: click here

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