Primary machine drops connextion when lappie

  jack 09:52 12 Aug 2008

A Desk top machine connected top Internet via a wireless router -Modem Router - Desktop.

In the next room a notebook connected wirelessly via a USB dongle
Both connect to Broadband each to its own account- though same ISP- but after a time the 'primary' computer will drop the connection if the lappie is on.
The ISP{NTLWorld] suggests it is a router problem but as they are about to send a third router and meanwhile the owner has invested in a Belkin- the same problem remains -
Two on line for a while then the ' primary machine drops off whilst the distant laptop keeps on going.
Any ideas?

  jack 11:49 13 Aug 2008


  jack 13:36 13 Aug 2008


  brundle 14:04 13 Aug 2008

What have you tried already?

  brundle 14:06 13 Aug 2008

"wireless router -Modem Router" not sure what you mean by that - combined wireless router and modem, or wireless router connected to cable modem.

Cable or ADSL? Make and model of components?

  jack 14:16 13 Aug 2008

The connection is Virgin/NTLWorld
So it is cable.
There appears to a box[modem]to the phone point and plugged to this is currently a Belkin wireless router to the 'First/Primary machine a desktop

Next room a laptop with a USB wireless dongle.

Now as I type this and thinking back to Monday when I first saw this lot I thought t 'Does that affect the dongle?
What I was looking at was the Laptop and the dongle attached which was perched up on top of the lappies sound system amplified speaker casing.
Could there a a radiation problem- New thought.

  jack 14:23 13 Aug 2008

Not much- I know nothing about wireless stuff- so it was really an investigative visit.
I did some clean up stuff of the Desktop- easy
And spent an hour on the lappie trying to get to to run from snail to slug[shell free slug - faster thsn a snail] but it is still chronic.
So I have given the owner some cleanup tips and downloaded Ccleaner for him to run.
His biggest problem I suspect is the 'Built in Norton' which i am trying to get him to dump in favour of something else- but as he has paid for a renewal and 6 months to run he may be reluctant to do that.
Probably go see him one day next week.

  brundle 14:23 13 Aug 2008

Forget the laptop for the time being.
The desktop machine is connected to the Belkin with a cable right?

You need to establish what is happening on the desktop before you can start troubleshooting.
Assuming it is connected with a cable, does it report a cable is disconnected, does browsing grind to a halt or stop entirely, can you still ping sites by their name(s) if browsing stops, can you ping a site by its IP address if you can't ping it by name? Is there a third party firewall installed on the desktop machine?

  brundle 14:29 13 Aug 2008

I would definitely agree regarding Norton (though the latest 2009 beta versions are a complete turn-around on that front) - just disable the whole lot for 10 minutes and ask the owner to use the machine...(not on the internet of course).
However if the laptop connects and stays connected it's not the source of the problem.

  jack 19:38 13 Aug 2008

until next visit.

  jack 17:09 15 Aug 2008

is as
click here

They have a Belkin Router installed
but are on Virging/NTL cable.

Have noted this for when I get to go there.

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