Price drop in an already-ordered MESH machine...

  User-C421DCE2-920F-4E57-9746A3C88082CE09 15:04 23 Apr 2003

Three weeks ago, I ordered a MESH Matrix +NDX with a monitor upgrade to a 17" TFT.

I have still not received the machine (the delivery date is next Monday 28th Apr), but have since realised that the price of the monitor upgrade has been reduced by £85! This seems a huge decrease for a piece of hardware in just 3 weeks.

I am thinking about phoning Mesh to request that I have the upgrade at the cheaper price. It seems unfair that I am paying an old price for something that I have yet to receive.

What do you think my chances are?
What should I say?
Do I have a legal right to the lower price, even though I have already paid?

  hgrock 15:14 23 Apr 2003

i had a similar thing with a £600 digital camera, i went back to the company complained and said i did not want the camera , they allowed me to return it and purchase the same camera at the new lower price, no exchange too place only paperwork, and i got my £95 refund

  Craig.m 15:15 23 Apr 2003

Think the best place for this enquiry would be on the consumerWatch forum.

Ignoring the above though - what is you cancellation clause - if there is no loss should you cancel before despatch, ask for the price drop and should they refuse, cancel and re-order at the new price.

They are probably passing on price drops as the items are supplied to them at a lower price, so the batch that they had in for your order will have also cost them more, than the next lot - though it is a fair price drop is that.


  Sir Radfordin™ 15:26 23 Apr 2003

There are two ways to look at this:

The first is you have made your choice and paid your money. Sit back and wait for your machine to arrive. Prices will always change.

The other is to cancel the order, re-order it again at the lower price and wait perhaps another 3 weeks. In that time the price could drop again, and you go on like this forever.

Mesh have no obligation to give you a refund on the amount you paid over what they now sell the product for. If you can cancel the order could depend on a number of things to do with the contract, sale of goods, and distance selling regulations. As you decided to upgrade the base spec you've bought custom kit and so have lost some of the protection afforded to you by the distance selling regulations.

You could speak to Mesh and see what they say, the threat of a canceled order may be enough to get a price reduction.

Its swings and roundabouts really, prices go up as well as down. The best advice is to stop looking at prices once you've placed an order.

  beeuuem 15:37 23 Apr 2003

While it is always annoying to find that there has been a reduction in price after buying/placing an order it is a chance we all take. Would you be willing to accept the goods at the ordered price if the cost had gone up by £85-00 since placing the order, or would you expect to pay the increased price?

  billyliv 16:35 23 Apr 2003

Hi, Grin and bear it. If you were happy with the original figures why complain afterwards? Cheers, Bill

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:10 23 Apr 2003

It is likely that Mesh will keep you to the contract which you willingly signed and freely agreed to. As Mesh build machines to order the parts will have already been ordered and the computer is likely to be finished or nearly so. When you ordered the machine you agreed to a selling contract whereby you agreed to pay the offered price, so even if a company drops the price the day after, they are under no legal obligation to refund the difference.

As beeuuem clearly stated would you offer to pay £85 extra if the price was raised? Take it on the chin and accept that you were happy with the original price.


  Kilobyte 18:33 23 Apr 2003

Have MESH debited your card account? Contact them and say you want the monitor at the reduced price or cancel the order.

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