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  shellship 15:20 04 Jan 2006

I know this is a PC forum but please bear with me. My son has just replaced his ageing Dell with an AppleMac G5 with a 17" screen and I played with it over Christmas. The reproduction on the screen seeems to be much better than that on my 19" LCD Syncmaster, almost as good as a CRT. Is this because Apple have much better screens or is it, as I suspect, a function of the Apple OS and all that goes with it?

  Forum Editor 18:03 04 Jan 2006

so don't worry - we welcome Mac questions as well.

Your son has a superb computer, and Apple OS looks very good on the screen, so that has something to do with it. Apple displays are known for quality, so that also has a bearing.

Your Syncmaster is also a good display, and if it isn't looking as good as you had hoped there may be a hardware reason. Does your computer have an onboard graphics chip - one that is on the motherboard - or does it have a PCI graphics card?

Have you adjusted the screen's settings since you got it?

  shellship 18:34 04 Jan 2006

Thanks. 16Mb ATI Rage Ultra - better than on-board but not the best but then I am not a gamer 'tho I do a lot of picture work. Limited adjustment on monitor - presets, really - and feel I am on best setting. Mind you, PCA website is looking quite beautiful at this moment!

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