Power PC not mac supported?

  User-C12E0952-F555-4B47-8C8C53A388A08DE5 11:38 08 Dec 2015

Hi there, any help appreciated. I have a macbook (Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63b) and am at a VERY basic level with it. I have bought a DSLR camera and when i try to load the software, i get a message saying Power PC is no longer supported.

What i would like to know is what my options are as i obviously need it for my camera?

Would i be able to sort it myself as a basic user or would i have to put it to apple to sort?

Thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 10:05 12 Dec 2015

Which camera are we talking about?

  Nick-2348452 20:11 19 Jan 2016

Hi, you don't need the software supplied with your DSLR (indeed that is usually the worst option!) - you can download the pics from your camera direct to any photo editing program (I expect you will already have iPhoto on your MacBook, although personally I don't like that). There are many excellent free photo editing suites available eg "Photoshop Elements" -click here

  HondaMan 21:58 19 Jan 2016

I am assuming that PowerPC came with the camera. When you connect the camera to the computer via, probably, a USB cable, you should be able to see the camera in Finder. From there it is a simple matter to drag and drop the files. Look on you camera manufacturers website for updated or alternative software.

  simonjary 06:58 20 Jan 2016

This is about the software in the camera, I guess. Macs used to use PowerPC processors but haven't been able to run software written to work with those chips for quite a few years now.

Mac OS X Lion does not support Rosetta (a dynamic binary translator for Mac OS X that allows many PowerPC applications to run on certain Intel-based Macintosh computers).

This means that you won’t be able to launch older Mac applications designed to run on Macs with PowerPC (as opposed to Intel) processors. If you attempt to launch one of these Rosetta-dependent programs from the Finder, you’ll be greeted with a warning, as you have seen.

As the other posters have suggested, connecting via USB should work, but maybe this DSLR has some PowerPC software running internally, in which case you'd need to download the pics from the card. But I'd be surprised if you couldn't just connect via USB. Which camera model is it?

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