Please save me with my Mac! Lost access to lion&recovery partition,got windows&linux to help though!

  Jwbjnwolf 01:09 12 Nov 2011

My Mac has Mac os x lion 10.7.2 on with windows 8 developer preview next to it. I accidentally somehow convert all the partitions to logical partitions which made windows and lion unbootable. I have reinstalled windows, so that's bootable now, And windows classes the lion partitions as unformatted disks and keep asking me to format them.

I have a retail copy of snow leopard install disk, a live cd of Ubuntu 11.10, and a 2TB FireWire hdd.

I cannot get to the recovery partition either as same thing has happened with that.

Tried installing snow leopard to FireWire hdd, but I get an error.

Ubuntu live cd will recognize  the lion partition but I cannot access the most important data on the partition such as work, my video editing I done etc.

Some of the folders Ubuntu classes as unknown FILES, instead of FOLDERS,  and 90% of others are coming up with I don't have the permissions to view.

The file system that lion is on is hfs+ journaled, so I am stuck what to do there.

With snow leopard install DVD, I cannot edit the partitions or anything whatsoever apart from wiping the whole drive and starting from scratch, which ain't gonna happen until my important data is safe and snug on my FireWire hdd and netbook.

I have an iPod touch 4 64gb with almost 15gb of space left so that is gonna be a big problem getting back into sync with iTunes after reinstall.

My iPod has around 15gb of very important photos, 4gb music, 5gb of movies/personal important videos, a lot of PDFs in iBooks, around 20gb of apps that use daily, and a lot of the apps have data.

The Music is all from CDs, but that I have copied to my netbook, but videos and all apps and data etc needs to be somehow not lost.

I have Sims 3 on Mac with lots of saved data, which I would love not to lose as spent so hard getting stuff perfect, including an almost exact replica of my home.

I have lost lots of personal irreplaceable data before which has really left huge holes in memories and am determined to lose much more.

Which would be less complicated? Somehow transferring my data via Linux or windows?

And if impossible, how can I remove the journaling from within  Ubuntu or windows?

And please, please, please, PLEASE say I am not doomed, as I am so close to backing up my data, but I have permissions and journaling barring my way.

Thanks for any help,  Jase 

  [DELETED] 08:26 12 Nov 2011

I can't help you with this one. Not knowledgeable enough with Ubuntu or Mac. I would be inclined to 'clone' the drive first and then work on the cloned drive rather than the original. At least this way whatever advice you get to try, and if something goes wrong, you can clone again and start over.

Good luck.

  robin_x 13:45 12 Nov 2011

Try Partition Wizard Bootable CD

(burn on another computer)

Right click your Recovery Partition, Modify, Set Active, Apply, OK, Reboot. (eject CD/DVD)

You may want to use Partition Wizard CD to clone your drive to another first. ie the important stuff.

Recovery wipes everything.

  LastChip 14:29 12 Nov 2011

Stop right now and do not install anything else on this computer.

Boot into Ubuntu Live CD and open a terminal.

At the command prompt type:

sudo df -h

(hit Enter)

When it asks for a password, hit enter again and come back with the whole of the output.

  Jwbjnwolf 15:05 12 Nov 2011

I posted this on Ubuntu forums as well but watching out more on here, as yet again, got lots of you helping.

I may seem a lot better with my spelling because my iPod and Mac auto correcting me most of the time.

I will try getting somewhere when got more time.

I have been looking around a lot and sort of know what I need to try and do, and these are all the places that I have bookmarked:

But I need help on putting it together or something that I would understand from.

I will try your command first lastchip but will give it try when got more time.

Got to play on my sisters new stylus touch screen netbook with her.

Once got all the stuff safe, then it will be a big help accessing the recovery instead of going through the lion download again. And then I plan dual booting with snow leopard for older games.

I then will put win8 dev preview in a small partition on FireWire hdd with another partition for games. And will have ubuntu via wubi as will be safest for on Mac.

Then will most definetly be using time machine to backup.

And will also be using hdd for backing up mine, sisters netbooks and mums emails.

  Jwbjnwolf 15:08 12 Nov 2011

Oh yea, and let me ask, what will sudo df -h do? I am guessing that that will provide me some kind of info?

  rawprawn 15:08 12 Nov 2011

Have you tried holding down Command + R when rebooting?

  rawprawn 15:11 12 Nov 2011

Also look here Lion Recovery Disk

  Jwbjnwolf 15:22 12 Nov 2011

Will try that cmd + r when go on next, thanks

  LastChip 16:45 12 Nov 2011


sudo gives you root privileges.

df reads your hard drive partitions and outputs the data to your screen

the -h switch, gives it to you in human readable form, rather than in blocks.

You asked for help, if you don't want it or think I'm trying to screw your system - forget it. I've better things to do with my time.

  Jwbjnwolf 19:34 12 Nov 2011

No, I know you ain't gonna screw me up, was just curious before I tried it! :) Will switch over to ubuntu now and give you the details when done.

The cmd r I cannot do at the moment as Mac don't detect Bluetooth keyboard or mouse at startup which is annoying but happened last time when used Ubuntu a while back, so am using a none all keyboard that don't have cmd or windows key on.

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