Please help, it is driving me mad

  axus44 10:42 27 Aug 2017

Hi. Something that is driving me mad.
I have a white unit measuring 40mm x 33mm x 8mm which takes a standard ipod type cable. Plug it in to the laptop and it flashes red and blue, then just blue, then goes out. Can anyone tell me what it is used for please

  BRYNIT 11:49 27 Aug 2017

Does it have a model number or any description? From what you have described it could be anything from an external hdd to a power pack for charging phones.

  axus44 11:57 27 Aug 2017

Hi Nothing on it at all, just plane white plastic with a connection point for a ipod type plug in. Been lying around for ages and if I plug it in to the computer, it flashes for a few minutes then stops, which makes me think it cannot be a power pack, not big enough. Nothing comes up on the laptop when plugged in ( Win. 10 )

  HondaMan 08:35 31 Aug 2017

Any chance of posting a picture?

  Pine Man 11:12 31 Aug 2017

Sounds to me like a stand to plug your iPod in to play it through a computer.

Have you tried putting your iPod in it when connected?

  axus44 13:50 31 Aug 2017

Does this help

1]: [click here

  wee eddie 18:26 31 Aug 2017

Is your Laptop,Windows based, or a Mac. 'Cause it looks like Apple stuff, which is unlikely to communicate with a PC.

  wee eddie 18:28 31 Aug 2017

Sorry I missed your W10 bit

  axus44 10:06 01 Sep 2017

Thanks for all your replies and I get the point about Apple not communicating with W10. Decided best thing to do is use it as a minny frisby.

  Forum Editor 16:12 01 Sep 2017

It looks for all the world like an external hard drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:59 02 Sep 2017

or a card reader

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