playmemories dsc-qx10 play video on ipad

  awest3 16:28 22 Nov 2016

Hi, I have a sony dsc-qx10 device, basically a lens which you fit on an iPhone to capture photos/video in better quality than that offered by the built in lens. The device links to the iPhone/iPad via its own built in wifi system. Photos are automatically copied to the iPhone/iPad but videos are not, so you cannot look at the video you have just take (video is captured to the sd card in the lens. For the first time today I have taken some video but cannot understand how I get it to play on the iPad. I've uploaded the sd card content to my PC and it plays ok. I've used iTunes to copy the video into films on the iPad. At this point I was expecting it to just play from the built in 'photos' app and clicking on videos. I have lots of videos in there but not the ones I captured today vi the DSC-qx10 lens and the play memories app. any help gratefully received thanks... I'm now brain dead.

  mgmcc 19:52 22 Nov 2016

Have you tried using the iPad's Videos app rather than looking in Photos and are the videos in a format supported by the iPad or iPhone?

  awest3 21:17 22 Nov 2016

Hi, Thanks for this, I don't seem to have a videos app on my iPad. Where might I find it?

  mgmcc 21:40 22 Nov 2016

It is one of the default apps in iOS and, up until iOS 10, you wouldn't have been able to remove it.


  awest3 21:54 22 Nov 2016

Thanks. Once I'd restored the icon by resetting my home screen to default I could see the videos and play them. Thanks again.

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