Playing mini DVDs on a PC or mac

  slug1234 13:29 18 Jul 2008

So sorry if this is noddy question. It doesn't seem to be answered before. I have recently been bought a sony handycam and have recorded holiday footage onto the 8cm dvds. these worked like a dream on my proper DVD player connected to my telly but they do not work on my 4 year old compaq laptop even after finalizing the discs. I'm tempted to think that this is becuase the laptop is a bit past it. The laptop doesn't seem to register that there is something in the optical (DVD) drive when I put it in.

I'm actually tempted to replace my laptop with the Mac Airbook but I'm wondering if the 8cm dvds would work in this or any laptop/ PC for that matter. I don't have ambitions to edit the movies (God forbid)I just want to play them and possibly even save to the hard drive.

Any views on this question are welcome

  birdface 13:46 18 Jul 2008

Have you downloaded the driver for it.Just a matter of starting your computer and inserting the driver disc that came with the handycam.and having the usb connection cable from the handycam to the computer.Do I know what I am talking about[probably not]I was just reading my Sony video camera recorder booklet for the same problem and that is what it said.It did say something about 200 mb memory which i don't have.So will watch your thread and see if I can pick up any tips.

  slug1234 13:27 21 Jul 2008

Thank you for reminding me about the software. I loaded up the disc and then was able to connect the camcorder with the mini DVD in it to the laptop which then immediately extracted the footage from it and saved to the hard drive using Picture Motion Browser. It was very cool for such an old machine. Its a shame you don't have the memory.

but then I tried to go one step further and burn from Picture Motion Browser to a DVD+RW so that I could potentially play the footage on the Mac when I buy it. (I don't have an ordinary DVD recorder just a player otherwise it would have been easier to use that). All became too much for the machine. It was taking about 2 hours to get to 80% complete and then a message read 'there is an error' and have to start again Grrr.

What buteman should be able to do is to connect the camera to an ordinary DVD recorder (with television) and then record from the camera to a DVD which should in theory be payable on a PC/laptop

However I'm not sure if even a full size home recorded DVD can be played on a laptop. if anyone has had any sucess playing 8cm/ full size home made DVD's on theirs let us know.

  birdface 15:08 21 Jul 2008

Yes.Same I don't have a DVD recorder either.I can play it using the television but can't tape it on the video as it is on a different sort of channel.Just wonder if I would be able to tape it if I put the red and white connectors straight into the back of the Video instead of the TV.

  peter99co 17:07 21 Jul 2008

If your recorder has red white and yellow connectors you should have been given a cable with your camera to connect it that way to TV or VHS,

  I am Spartacus 18:43 21 Jul 2008

I don't think the MacBook Air comes with a DVD player/writer.

  slug1234 09:07 22 Jul 2008

No it doesn't but you can buy the superdrive or smartdrive to go with it which has this facility.

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