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Photos from PC to Ipad

  Jerusalem 1967 19:31 04 May 2013

Can you please explain how I can load some photos from my PC Windows 7 to my new IPAD.

Thank you

  john bunyan 19:41 04 May 2013

Make a folder in Windows explorer on the host PC with the photos you want to transfer. Open iTunes and connect iPad. "Tell" I pad to synch photos from the folder you created.

  john bunyan 19:43 04 May 2013

There is an App - I have not used it See

Transfer App

  john bunyan 19:44 04 May 2013

Sorry, I assume you have iTunes!!!

  mgmcc 13:59 05 May 2013

john bunyan,

"There is an App - I have not used it. See Transfer App"

Thanks for that. I have installed it and it seems good. As my pics are in a Windows PC, but I use iTunes in a Mac, it is an effective way to transfer pics directly to the iPad. :)

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