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Photos library gone after opening some old library

  Maria Sliacka 10:27 19 Feb 2019

I accidentally clicked on some old Photos library and immediately it showed that Photos library is being updated and I couldn't cancel it. When it finished the Photos showed this old library and I couldn't go back to the main one. I turned off the wifi because the main library was connected to iCloud and it is on iphone and ipad so I didn't wanted the changes to show on these two as well. I tried to press option key and click on Photos app but the main library wasn't listed in libraries to choose from. Also it is not in Pictures file so I have no idea where to look for it. The laptop is backed up so maybe that's the solution but I don't understand why there isn't anything simpler. I just clicked on old library that's all. Anyone here who can help please? Maybe I should turn on wifi and see what happens ? I have no idea what it will do but it might be on iCloud but how do I make sure that it wont delete the library from phone too? The library is huge, it might have about 50 000 photos in it and not only photos but also the albums and the whole hierarchy of photos. It is very important to keep these albums and files/folders. Thanks for any help.

  wee eddie 11:10 19 Feb 2019

I am no expert but, as far as I know, a Library is just a list of Shortcuts to, say, Pictures or Word Documents. Nothing more

  Maria Sliacka 11:21 19 Feb 2019

Yeah so do you have any idea what should I do now?

  HondaMan 11:28 19 Feb 2019

I think holding down the option key when starting photos gives you the choice of which library to open. ~You can apparently open only 1 at a time

  Maria Sliacka 12:08 19 Feb 2019

Yes but I cant see the main one there. Like I mentioned in question.

  HondaMan 17:56 19 Feb 2019

Sorry. missed that point. Have you searched the HDD for all photo libraries?

  Maria Sliacka 19:12 19 Feb 2019

Yes I did and found nothing, only old libraries.

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