Phone is stuck on apple logo with green lines

  Vultorz 06:04 08 Apr 2018

Hey, I've had this iPhone for a while now, and it's starting to glitch out on me.

I was browsing youtube, and when I went to go check my discord app my screen froze, went black, then stopped responding. After this happened, I did an emergency restart (i think that's what it's called?) and now my phone is jacked up. It's stuck on the lockscreen with the apple logo being destroyed with green lines everywhere.

Picture of phone - click here

  Vultorz 06:31 08 Apr 2018

Is there any other way? I'm certain this can't just be a screen problem.

  Govan1x 10:29 09 Apr 2018

maybe reset it might fix the problem . Have you made a back up to iTunes or Cloud.

If not you would need to start from new.

Not saying that would fix it but obviously worth a try.

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