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  mutmeeman 00:01 24 Mar 2012

Hi all....I've got a vintage desktop..circa 1999..and I want to use it by way of my existing wireless router. I bought a usb wireless adapter which just wouldn't work.....I presume because my old processer is 780mhz and the dongle states a minimum 1ghz processor. Is there a dongle that would work with such an old pc? Cheers Pete

  KRONOS the First 03:47 24 Mar 2012

Your thread title really gives a flavour of what your problem is.(not)

Can you not use an Ethernet cable? But a few details of your PC would me extremely helpful. Either make or model or perhaps some. Idea of the main components,motherboard, CPU, and Ram.

  Miké 08:01 24 Mar 2012

Perhaps a pci card rather than usb? like this

  Batch 12:32 24 Mar 2012

I'm guessing the prob with USB wireless dongle could be one of:

--- It requires USB 2.0 and PC is only USB 1.1

--- It requires drivers that you haven't installed or, if you have, are not compatible with the OS you have on the old PC (what is it Win98, WinME or what?).

Would be useful to know what OS you have anyhow.

I doubt if the processor speed is the real issue as such "stated requirements" are often wide of the mark.

As Miké has already stated, a PCI card (to go inside the system unit if there is a spare PCI slot) might be a better option. But whatever you go for, you need to make sure it comes with drivers for the PC's OS.

Also, what do you want to use this old PC for? Chances are it will be painfully slow (by today's standards). Everything about it will be slow (the processor, the bus, the hard disk). All this stuff has come on in leaps and bounds since 1999. Also, unless the OS is at least WinXP, it will likely be very insecure.

  Batch 12:41 24 Mar 2012

Also, USB controller (i.e. the USB kit inside your computer, not the USB device that you plug-in) support in older OSs was patchy (seeclick here. So unless you know that the USB ports on the PC are actually working (e.g. have been used for other purposes before), you might be on a hiding to nothing with the dongle.

  mutmeeman 16:59 24 Mar 2012

Thanx guys.....yeah, the thread title was an error...i'd just got back from the pub! Anyway....The OS is windows XP and the dongle came with a cd driver which I installed as per instructions. When I plugged the dongle in initially, it started connecting the disconnecting with the wireless signal every 3 or 4 seconds with an error message "cannot connect..certificate needed" or words to that effect. After several driver uninstallations & reinstallations, when I plugged in the dongle it just turned the system off and tried to reboot but wouldn't untill I unplugged the dongle. So I gave up. But the question is, I guess, is the processor not powerful enough?? Why state "Minimum processor: pentium 1 Ghz or more" and is there a dongle out there that should and could work?'s a 2nd computer for the bedroom which worked just fine for everyday surfing and stuff.

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