PCI card in Dell machine.

  latino1707 18:43 05 Jun 2006

I posted a thread sometime ago about a PCI-express x1 card. From the response I had I was directed to a site to purchase a PCI card as this would be the best choice being there are not many x1 cards available. I bought a card and fitted it in the PCI slot of a Dell dimension 3100. Low and behold it did not work. I tried it in another 3100 model with the same result. I returned it to the supplier stating that it was faulty. they tested it and sent it back to me saying there was no fault with the card. I have tried it in my machine which is a Dell dimension 5000 and it works. I contacted Dell who told me to run the diagnostics with the card in. I tried this and the machine would not boot to the diagnostics. I reported it to Dell who said the machine is fine but the card will not work in it.

Anyone who is thinking of buying a low end Dell 3100 and you want to put your own graphics card in, forget it unless you can try to buy one from them that works. I cannot see it as I would think a PCI card should work when inserted into the PCI slot.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 19:01 05 Jun 2006

You mention two conflicting standards

PCI Express

PCI slot

they are different, are you trying to run a PCI Express card from an ordinary PCI slot. if so it will not work.

  jack 19:41 05 Jun 2006

PCI Express is supplanting AGP as a graphics standard.
It is entirely different from PCI.
So the seller is correct the card works.
Dell are correct but have not twigged what it is you are trying to achieve.

With regard DELL machines in General and I stress in general- They are Fine machines- they in the main do exactly to the job that they are sold to do.
They are all pretty well built to a unique design and are to all intents and purposes not upgradable.

  latino1707 22:33 05 Jun 2006

What I meant in PCI Express was the dimension 3100 only has the X1 slot and I was asking for details. The advice I received was: use a PCI card in one of the PCI slots.

I agree in answer to Jack, Dell machines are in general fine machines. I have had 2 of them, but on the higher end. The one in question is my friends machine. I personally have never had any problems with them. The point I was making was not all PCI cards are compatible in the 3100 as I found out and this was only to pass on what I had discovered.

  jack 09:01 06 Jun 2006

Point taken latino1707
But it is important to stress that PCI EXPRESS which is a new graphics card standard supplanting AGP has nothing to do with PCI and a PCI card that slots into the white PCI slots.
It it importent that those slavering over the newer faster grpahics card - do not confuse the two
So it does not hurt to push the point that
PCI express
is not

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