PCA & iPad

  bremner 19:36 07 Feb 2012

For a week or so moving between forums on this site using my iPad results in another PCA screen, advertising a magazine with PCA 200 Top Tips for 2012, appearing for a half a second before the actual Forum page opens.

Using IE, FF, Safari or Chrome on any of my other computers (including Macs) is fine

Am I alone and if not then PCA are you aware.

  bremner 19:43 07 Feb 2012

I have realised that what momentarily appears is the ad for PCA iPad edition ironically.

  KRONOS the First 19:58 07 Feb 2012

As my Computer reading needs have changed to more of a component/modding orientated magazine it's been a while since I have read PCAdvisor. Like you I caught the ad and as it is free I have downloaded it.

The real annoyance about visiting the PCA site on the iPad is the nuisance of the ads which means it is slow to fully load compared to nearly every other site I visit.

  bremner 20:08 07 Feb 2012


Are you getting the specific problem I highlighted?

  Woolwell 20:13 07 Feb 2012

bremner - I get a very brief white rectangle when moving between forums on the iPad. This could be the ad.

I frequently get a very old page when I use go back.

  Woolwell 20:19 07 Feb 2012

The PCA iPad edition is free for the first issue only.

I get the digital version of PCA through Zinio and have the PCA Daily app but since I visit the main site daily this app is fairly useless for me.

  bremner 20:50 07 Feb 2012


The white rectangle is in the centre and black down the sides, it is the ad.

  Woolwell 21:00 07 Feb 2012

I don't get it on all forums.

  bremner 15:06 08 Feb 2012

Any chance someone from PCA could have a look at this problem please.

  Forum Editor 18:31 08 Feb 2012

Any chance someone from PCA could have a look at this problem please.

Give me an hour or so, and I'll take a look using my iPad.

  bremner 18:38 08 Feb 2012


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