PC to USB Printer via Mac - Connection Problem

  lister110 23:15 13 Feb 2006

I have a pc (XP) and a Mac (OSX10.3.9) both machines are currently connected via and an ethernet lead. I have created a shared area on the
pc and Mac so both machines can share files accross the network.

I have a dial up internet connection connected directly into the pc. The mac can share this connection through the ethernet.

Now I have setup a USB epson rx620 printer from my Mac. Now I'm hoping to get my PC to work with the printer via the Mac.

I have setup a new printer from the pc and followed the instructions as here.
click here

The printer was recognised and the ppd were enabled.The ip address was key'd in and all seemed well.

Now when I went to print from the pc I got a connection error?

I have noticed the mac's ip address has changed which may effect the connection to the printer (though when I setup the printer via the ethernet i did try printing then).

I can still connect to my mac from my pc.

If you have a small network like mine (PC_XP(dialupModem) - Mac_OSX - USB Epson)
what ip configure should be set up? At the moment I have the Mac TCP/IP

Location: Automatic
Show Built: in Ethernet
Cofig: Using DHCP
IP Address: 192.XXX.X.XX
Subnet Mask: 255.XXX.XXX.X
Router: 192.XXX.X.X



  mgmcc 01:02 14 Feb 2006

I'm not sure if I'm missing something but, if you go into "My Network Places" in the PC you should see the Mac's shared printers in the same way as with a Windows PC. Double clicking the icon should install it in the PC as a "network printer".

I have a "Mac Mini" whose shares appear as click here

There shouldn't be any need to get involved in IP addresses to use it as a network printer, although you should install the printer in Windows first so that the necessary software and drivers are already installed.

  lister110 23:10 16 Feb 2006

I can see the printer in my work group? but when I select the printer and then try to print all seems fine. But then the print monitor comes up and tries to connect but then say comunications error..

  keewaa 11:18 18 Feb 2006

As mgmcc says .... have you installed the windows driver ... because the PC will not be able to communicate with the printer unless it has the windows driver installed, the mac driver cannot be used.

  lister110 11:30 18 Feb 2006

I have installed the window drivers for the printer. The only thing that does seem strange is I can see the workgroup/MyMac/Then the printer istself, but also the printers and faxes. If I double click inside that I can see stylus printer again? is this normal? Do you have to set up the printer from the pc to share or something?

I'm just a complete newbie when it comes to pc's

Thanks for all your help..

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