Pc a time machine?

  rdave13 21:29 10 Jun 2006

Why is it that eight hours at work seems a lifetime. Eight hours on a home pc, on the otherhand, seems like the time it takes to cough?

Another of life's mystery?..:))

  VoG II 21:56 10 Jun 2006

I guess that depends on what your job is. Mine is reasonably interesting so 8 hours normally flies.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:02 10 Jun 2006

My work is the work of eons, my leisure time passes in a flash!

  wee eddie 22:07 10 Jun 2006

but it's all in the mind.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:09 10 Jun 2006

Your mind is all in the mind.

  DrScott 22:20 10 Jun 2006

Lots of patients and time flies.

Having said that, on a computer things always seem to take 10 times longer than you think they should. Especially software problems, as in 'I'll just uninstall this program to fix a problem' only to still be there 8 hours later trying to get system restore to finally work the way it should!

  josie mayhem 00:19 11 Jun 2006

I spend my daily routine multi tasking, I have just over 4 hours to produce breakfast, dinner which consist of two main alternitives and several sweets, also cook the cake for tea, along side providing alturnitives for the ones that doesn't want whats on the main menu, and a couple that have a specialisst deitarty needs... also the dreaded paper work, not only the bits to ensue that we stay within legal requirements concerning the running of a industrail kitchen, but that of our company and the ordering of provisions so that all ingridents are there...

Muliti tasking is second nature, time watching is done to ensure that I'm running on time...

I didn't realise until this week how much I did in a morning worth of work, I had to the induction of a new cook (been waighting 6 months for the company to find one) and that is with out the paperwork an ordering which is my responciablitiy... so work wise I spend my time chasing time...

But I must admit that sometimes it feels like I've only been on my computer for an hour and then realise that several hours has gone past...

  SG Atlantis® 23:10 13 Jun 2006


I hate people whinning at me, "aw the day is dragging in".... my answer is "shut up and just get on with it".

  wolfie3000 04:34 14 Jun 2006

5 hours gaming seems like 5 minutes where as 30 second boot up seems like 5 hours.

  semag 16:44 14 Jun 2006

"shut up and just get on with it".
LOL, should make you a boss.

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