Pc ansWering machine hElp please

  zoeclarke88 18:57 08 Aug 2012

Hi I am trying to get my pc setup for an answering machine and need advice on connecting up. I have a router and adsl connection. I have tried running a line from my phone connection at adsl socket to a router ethernet port but on ringing my number i get a busy tone. Is there a way i can set up a pc answering machine to work with my telephone connected. Cheers for any help. Ps ive tried with a splitter at wall socket and even moved my telephone to anothersocket and had a straight adsl box phone wall connection to router (this in addition to normal adsl to router connection). Any help appreciated ,cheers

  zoeclarke88 19:03 08 Aug 2012

I bought a special rj45 to bt socket cable to allow me to do this. I think all modems nowadays are pretty much voice modems arent they? Tbh im not sure. I thought i would ensure the phone still works before i try any of the answering machine programs and i keep getting a busy tone when i try ringing my home from my mobile with it connected as described.

  Woolwell 22:26 08 Aug 2012

I'm trying to work out what your set up is? You seem to have a broadband/adsl modem router and an ethernet port on the pc. For telephone you would need a dial-up type modem either connected by usb to the pc or as a card in the pc. This would then connect directly to the phone socket.

It's probably easier to buy an answering machine.

  Nontek 22:40 08 Aug 2012

Cheaper and easier to set-up 1571 on the phone.

  woodchip 22:51 08 Aug 2012

You do not need BB for a Phone. You need a Dial-Up Modem, this may already be in your PC look for it in connections in your PC user Manual or check Input sockets. you then need a Program like I used to use on Win98 called Supervoice for a Answer Machine

Click hear for Supervoice

  woodchip 22:55 08 Aug 2012

PS Computer as to be Left Switched on for it to work, But you can put the Monitor to go into sleep mode after a short time of none use

  zoeclarke88 02:46 09 Aug 2012

brill cheers guys. @woolwell & @woodchip , my router has an inbuilt modem and my pc connects to router to access the internet. i read on website of a pc answering machine software company that all i need to do is run cable from telephone wall socket to modem but lol this is more complicated than it seems to me. adsl wall box has 2 sockets-1 marked adsl and 1 marked phone. my router has an adsl connection and 4 ethernet ports. my pc connects to the internet via the router ,and 1 of the routers ethernet ports. in my mind i cannot use the adsl connection of the router (to tel socket of adsl wall box) because well thats my internet connection which my adsl socket of my adsl wall box uses so it must mean to run cable between tel.socket of adsl box and router ethernet port?? or is the adsl connection i allready running allowing the modem to receive my voice call information allready and all this conjecture unnecessary??

@nontek ,yup would probably be easier but i am thinking of setting up a business and great versatility in taking and handling messages would be useful to me.

i realise pc would need to be left on but am thinking of just running it during day (office hours) anyway. (funnily enough i have a nas but it doesnt appear to allow general 3rd party software but lol thats irrelevant, more interested in just getting it to work on a general pc.)

thanks for help so far :)

  zoeclarke88 02:51 09 Aug 2012

so my setup: pc-->router ethernet port then from adsl socket on router-->adsl wall socket

lol this is probably commmon knowledge. i hate computers but lol yup thats why i have come seeking advice

  wiz-king 05:58 09 Aug 2012

Your broadband modem is no good for this purpose. you would need a voice/fax modem and most of them come with a free copy of the software.

Like woodchip I have used Supervoice see his link for details.

  zoeclarke88 18:03 10 Aug 2012

not being silly because i really dont know but i thought all lines nowadays were either broadband adsl or cable?? and ontop of that i thought most if not all modems produced since the 90s were/are voice modems. i am only repeating what i read on a website. i do not mean to be rude but i would just like clarification. (i did try emailing various websites but got no answer so thought i would come to a tech forum)

  Woolwell 18:10 10 Aug 2012

Your phone line into the house carries broadband (adsl) and telephone but the modem to work with broadband is different to that for telephone. You would need an old style dial up modem to make and receive phone calls (and have an answering machine on your PC) over a standard telephone line. The modem in the router is for broadband not telephone calls. You can have VOiP call over broadband but these are like Skype. You cannot do what you want with the equipment that you currently have.

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