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password forgotten for iTunes backup

  swta 08:10 24 May 2018

Hello, Thanks in advance to all of you. I'm new to Apple world and have a problem. My friend has an iPhone 5 with iOS 10.3 (cannot be updated to 11.x) He has done a local encrypted backup with iTunes and he has lost the backup password.

I've tried the software unlocker but it's running since days with no success. I know I can't reset the password.

Anyway he still has the phone and all his data on it.

Question, is it possible to disassociate the iPhone from iTunes and re-associate it later ? May be iTunes thinks this is a new device and we can do a new backup (no problem if the old is lost) ? If possible, how to do it ?

Thanks again to anyone who can help F.

  swta 22:59 05 Jun 2018

Hi clvitics. My friend works on Windows, so no keychain, no notes around, about the cracker, I've tried it but after ten days or so, at nine chars, I've quitted it.

Thanks for help F.

Hi David-Dd. You're right, and it seems this is a request from years. With iOS 11 it seems there is a way to reset the password on the iPhone. Unfortunately my fried has an iPhone 5 and it stop at iOS 10.3 No way to do it.

I'm in the process to do an iCloud backup (second day now) Once it finish it I can then reset the iPhone and proceed with a restore (hope it does not keep the backup password too).

  gokuSS1 21:56 06 Jun 2018

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