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password forgotten for iTunes backup

  swta 08:10 24 May 2018

Hello, Thanks in advance to all of you. I'm new to Apple world and have a problem. My friend has an iPhone 5 with iOS 10.3 (cannot be updated to 11.x) He has done a local encrypted backup with iTunes and he has lost the backup password.

I've tried the software unlocker but it's running since days with no success. I know I can't reset the password.

Anyway he still has the phone and all his data on it.

Question, is it possible to disassociate the iPhone from iTunes and re-associate it later ? May be iTunes thinks this is a new device and we can do a new backup (no problem if the old is lost) ? If possible, how to do it ?

Thanks again to anyone who can help F.

  mgmcc 16:18 24 May 2018

Open iTunes and go in its menus to: iTunes > Preferences then select the Devices tab. In there you will see a list of any device backups and can delete the encrypted backup for which the password has been lost.

  swta 06:28 25 May 2018

Hi mgmcc, Thanks for your answer. I waited to reply to have in hands my friend's iPhone and do the test. The encrypted backup was easily deleted following your info, THANKS for that. Anyway it didn't help for the main problem. The password is still on the iPhone and when I try to do a new backup it still has password on. If I try to deselect the "encrypted" box the program asks for the password to confirm. As my friend forgot the password I'm stuck on it.

Is there a way, on iOS 10.3 to delete the password from the iPhone ?


  mgmcc 08:09 25 May 2018

Is there a way, on iOS 10.3 to delete the password from the iPhone ?

It is iTunes that is demanding the password. If you are running iTunes in a Mac, rather than Windows, the password may have been stored in "Keychain". Click Search (magnifying glass icon top right of screen) and type in Keychain Access. You can use this to find all of the passwords it has saved, but it does need entry of its own password to access details. This may be the same as the password for the Mac's user account.

  swta 10:09 25 May 2018

Hi mgmcc, Thanks for your help. Yes, I've read about the keychain on the Mac. Unfortunately I'm running on Windows.

At this point the only things that could work, based on my knowledge it to increase the iCloud space and do a full backup there (as I've understood this will be done without a password, if not that of the Apple ID).

Nothing that I can do on the PC ? May be uninstall iTunes and the install it again (or it will read again the password status from the iPhone and will ask again) ?


  mgmcc 12:47 25 May 2018

The problem with Windows is that it buries settings deep in the registry and uninstalling / reinstalling won't necessarily resolve the problem if registry settings haven't been deleted.

There is a very good uninstaller called Geek.exe which will uninstall Windows programs along with their registry entries. Download the zip file, open it and drag the geek.exe file to the desktop and run it. (There is no installation involved.)

  swta 17:22 25 May 2018

Hi mgmcc, Thanks for your help. I knew about Revo but will try Geek. My friend took the phone back and I'll try on the weekend. I'll let you know.

Thanks F.

  clvitics 06:22 26 May 2018

It would be possible to find the password via keychain if the device was connected to Mac in the past.

  swta 22:49 26 May 2018

Hi clvitics, no Mac involved.

Hi mgmcc, tried with uninstall but no way. I even tried with a new machine (Windows). The password is stored on the iPhone and when I access the new (empty) backup section the program asks for it. Prior to iOS 11 no way to reset it. Probably it can be done by rooting the phone but that's not a thing I know in Apple world.

I ended up upgrading the iCloud space and doing a new backup to iCloud, where it doesn't (or shouldn't) use the password. It is taking days to complete but at least I could then reset the whole iPhone and start fresh.

Thanks for all your help. F.

  clvitics 07:59 05 Jun 2018

Hi swta,

I found out a tutorial from Google and tested it with a simple password. It worked. You might give a try: click here

  David-Dd 12:18 05 Jun 2018

Hello swta it looks like you are in some serious trouble. in my opinion you need help from tech experts. If you have forgotten your iPhone password, then you can easily recover it online. However, there is no mechanism to recover forgotten password backup. You can confirm this here on the Apple's forum site. I strongly suggest you visit e-methods and contact for exert help. Good luck

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