Parallel desktop - Mac - switch to boot camp?

  Teastripe 18:11 03 Aug 2013

I've recently installed parallel desktop onto my mac so that I could have a PC at home that would be the same as what i use at work. So i brought Office Home & Student 2013, installed that onto Parallel PC. I'm not entirely happy with parallel though, Mac function keys still over ride it which isn't ideal. (F3 reveals all windows etc)

I was thinking about switching over to boot camp, as then all it has is either mac OR PC, rather than them both running together.

Am I able to easily copy over what i have already to a boot camp?

Its been quite frustrating :/


  retep888™ 23:42 04 Aug 2013

<<Am I able to easily copy over what i have already to a boot camp?>>

If you meant the Windows OS or Office Home & Student 2013 then I'm afraid you've to reinstall them again.

Boot Camp will create a partition (you can manually configure the size), you should not have problem reinstalling Windows but you might have to use phone activation system for reinstalling Office Home & Student 2013.

How to deactivate Microsoft Home & Student 2013 online? click here

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