Outlook mac not displaying any messages after update

  Leonard-2227543 09:07 01 Dec 2014

I updated my office for mac to latest version yesterday night and since this morning outlook is unable to display any email messages. Help!!

  simonjary 06:37 02 Dec 2014

First, check your settings in Accounts (under Tools).

Second, do you have webmail option to check that email is arriving normally outside of Outlook?

  Leonard-2227543 11:11 02 Dec 2014

Account settings are normal as they were.

Yes, webmail option is there but only new mails are coming up in webmail.

  simonjary 06:34 03 Dec 2014

The next, boring, step would be to reinstall Outlook, I'm afraid.

Let us know if that helps. I have password problems with Outlook 2011 that means I have to add password nearly every time I want to get new email. Looking forward to a proper fix from MS in Microsoft Office for Mac 2015.

  Leonard-2227543 06:34 05 Dec 2014

Performed re-installation as well. It just ignores old identity as if the emails are not at all there. I checked the size of identity database after looking up officeformachelp.com and its quite big approx 9 gigs. but inside outlook, I only have new emails received since 1st Dec 2014.

I will try rebuilding identity after moving data to a new identity method as mentioned in click here

  Leonard-2227543 05:17 09 Dec 2014

Tried rebuilding quite a few times and also other methods as explained on officeformachelp.com without any positive results. Any inputs in this regards are welcome.

  kevinthepete 05:56 10 Dec 2014

Can you check if the emails are even present in outlook identity database. Refer to: click here

  simonjary 07:01 11 Dec 2014

Argh, since replying to this question my account in Outlook is now "not connected". Other accounts in same Outlook are unaffected. Cursed!

  Leonard-2227543 11:22 11 Dec 2014

Yes kevin, the emails are present as I can open those olk14 message files using Apple textedit and view messages but they are unreadable and have a lot of unknown characters between messages also it does not have complete emails. what can be done to retrieve messages?

Simon, it seems outlook is getting problematic for everyone nowadays.

  kevinthepete 14:20 14 Dec 2014

In your case it appears outlook database might be corrupt. It might not be feasible to recover emails without a third party utility. I looked online and found a few like olk14 message recovery and outlook mac database recovery that are capable of recovering data directly from outlook database. Apart from these I wasn't able to find anything of help.

  Leonard-2227543 05:05 15 Dec 2014

I guess I have to go with the paid recovery as there is no manual recovery method working till now. I tried olk14 message recovery trial and it was able to display my emails and also recovered 10 of them from each folder. Will get it and report back.

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