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OS X Yosemite install iMac A1311 late 2009 wo OS

  Phoenix1969 22:25 12 May 2020

Hello forumers

I was given a beautiful vintage A1311 EMC 2551 serial # W801829Q5PC

It has no operating OS and it boots into Disk Utilities last it had wasYosemite 10.10 but I can't reinstall from the Internet it goes This Item is not currently available Please try again later.....later never happens...I think my Apple ID is not linked to the Yosemite installed �I am new again to apple after being away for a while...I love Apple

I can see a Recovery HD partition and there is an com. apple.???.boot folder in that but I am struggling to get to know how to how to access that despite following many articles on how to recover using recovery.

I have also managed to download (from this iMac) via the online help the Yosemite 10.10 InstallMac OS. dmg file which unpacked to InstallMac OSX.pkg which unpacks to Install OS.ESD ( I may have some syntax error for those fields but this is the sequence. I am stuck as to how to go further as this ESD has subfolders and is not an executable....

I feels tantalisingly close to being doable but I am not familiar with the interface being a PC user for so long now....

May I please ask for some direction from a iMac interface aficionado who would like to help me breath life into this beautiful machine. I am an Apple fan just not in the financial bracket to afford a new on at present. I did my first degree on one of the original iMacs and so this is a sentimental reunion with Apple tech for me.

Any help would be appreciated


  Terry Foxx 13:02 25 May 2020

Just google USB Yosemite install disk. There's plenty out there including a decent how-to on Apple's own support pages.

  appltechie 11:11 19 Jun 2020

Dear T-bird,

It seems to me that you’ve done a fair bit of digging but missed one thing - you need to create a bootable Yosemite installer to reinstall this OS. Here’s what to do: Get an external drive (can be a flash) with 12GB free memory. Download the Yosemite installer if you don’t already have it - here’s a link. Don’t start the installation process. Plug in the external drive and launch Disk Utility; Click on View in the top left of the window and choose “Show all Devices”. Select the root drive in the sidebar. Click on Erase. For format, choose MacOS Extended (Journaled). For scheme, choose GUID Partition Map. Click on Erase again and wait until it’s done. Open Terminal. Copy and paste the following command: sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ --volume /Volumes/MyVolume --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ where MyVolume is your disk name. Press Enter. Type in your user password and wait until it’s done. Restart the Mac. As it’s booting immediately press and hold Option. When the startup manager appears, select your external drive as the startup disk; Once the Mac has started up in Recovery mode, click on Install macOS and Continue.

This should be it. Let me know if you need more help.

  wee eddie 09:32 02 Jul 2020

Esther - Remember to back-up, regularly, to an external drive

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